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Magenta Barn

Outside Barn
This is our magenta colored barn and parking area. The green house to the left is green house 3 which holds our overstock. Greenhouse 4 is behind it and also holds overstock. The green house to the right is green house 2. You can see part of the new brick flower beds at the bottom which are on both sides of our new gate, which is still under construction. The barn itself houses our shop area where we can ring up your purchases.

Grow Lights

Grow LightsThese are our grow lights where most our annuals start out from seed. We start planting seeds as early as February. When they get big enough, our plants are then transported to our overstock greenhouse 3.

Seed Jars

Seed JarsThis photo is taken of the inside of our shop. Behind our register are our bulk seed jars. Many of these jars were originally from the Cloverdale Greenhouse owned and operated by Emma Engelkes, the first generation of our garden center.

Greenhouse 1 Outside

Greenhouse 2 OutsideThis greenhouse was built in 1996. Its 20 feet wide and 90 feet long and holds our geraniums, impatiens, marigolds, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, herbs, begonias, coleous, strawberries, watermelons, muskmelons, cantelope, spikes, asparagus fern, pink polka dot plants, vinca vines, and other vegetable plants.
Greenhouse 2 Outside

Greenhouse 2 OutsideThis greenhouse holds snapdragons, strawflowers, dusty miller, petunias, morning glories, portulaca, dahlias, and more.
Greenhouse 2 Inside

Greenhouse 2 Inside 2 Greenhouse 2 Inside 1 Greenhouse 2 Inside 3
Greenhouse 3 Outside

Greenhouse 3 OutsideThis greenhouse was built in the fall of 2003. It has become the overstock greenhouse for all of those extra trays of flowers we have each year. It is 30 feet wide and 95 feet long. It has many bars hung in it to hold the extra hanging baskets we make each year. It also has our transplant table.
Greenhouse 3 Inside

Greenhouse 3 Inside
Greenhouse 4 Outside
This greenhouse was built in the fall of 2015 and is another overstock greenhouse.

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