Rhodes Garden Center
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menu April 22, 1966 this picture was taken. Article is from the Sibley Gazzette-Tribune. Text is reprinted for clarity

Mrs. Alden Rhodes spades a hole in the ground at the new city park in Broadmoor Addition to plant a Hopa Crab. Looking on are her mother, Mrs. Omke Engelkes of the Cloverdale Garden Center, who gave the tree, and Sam Robinson of the City Park board, accepting the gift on behalf of the city. The small onlookers are Randy, 2, and Nicky, 3, sons of Mrs. Rhodes. The ceremony took place Friday, Arbor Day. The new park has been cleared, new grass is coming up, playground equipment is being brought in to be erected and the once unsightly site of the "boxcar houses" is becoming a very attractive part of the city.
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