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Stock 2012 Fruit Plants, Shrubs, & Trees


Stock we had at the beginning of our season in 2012:

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Type: Name: Color If Possible: Fruit Plant, Fruit Tree, Shrub, or Tree:
Blueberry Northland Blue Fruit Plant
Grape Bluebell Fruit Plant
Grape Edelweiss Fruit Plant
Grape Valiant Fruit Plant
Raspberry Boyne Fruit Plant
Strawberry June-Bearing Red fruit Fruit Plant
Apple Cortland Fruit Tree
Apple Frostbite Fruit Tree
Apple Haralson Fruit Tree
Apple Honeycrisp Fruit Tree
Apple Norland Fruit Tree
Apple Red Baron Fruit Tree
Apple Red Duchess Fruit Tree
Apple Sweet Sixteen Fruit Tree
Crabapple Centennial Fruit Tree
Pear Golden Spice Yellow fruit Fruit Tree
Pear Ure Yellow fruit Fruit Tree
Plum Pipestone Fruit Tree
Plum Toka Fruite Tree
  Little Devil Burgundy flowers Shrub
Arborvitae Cristata Arento Variengata Shrub
Arborvitae Pygmy Globe Shrub
Arborvitae Woodward Globe Shrub
Barberry Rose Glow Shrub
Burning Bush Winged Burning Bush Dark Pink leaves Shrub
Currant Alpine Currant Shrub
Forsythia Northern Gold Gold leaves Shrub
Hedge Hedge Cotoneaster Shrub
Honeysuckle Honeybelle Pale Orange flowers Shrub
Honeysuckle Kintzley's Ghost Grape Pale Yellow flowers Shrub
Honeysuckle Mandarin Orange flowers Shrub
Hydrangea Endless Summer Bella Anna Pink flowers Shrub
Hydrangea Endless Summer The Original Blue flowers Shrub
Ivy Engelman Shrub
Lilac Charles Joly Dark Pinkish Red flowers Shrub
Lilac Common Purple Light Purple flowers Shrub
Lilac Dwarf Korean Pink flowers Shrub
Lilac Sensation Purple flowers with White edges Shrub
Ninebark Summer Wine White flowers Shrub
Plum Double Flowering Plum Bright Pink flowers Shrub
Potentilla Dakota Sunspot Yellow flowers Shrub
Potentilla Mango Tango Orange flowers Shrub
Rhododendron P.J.M. Elite Pink flowers Shrub
Rose Bonica Rose Pink flowers Shrub
Rose Dwarf Pavement Pink flowers Shrub
Rose Hope For Humanity Red flowers Shrub
Rose Lena Pale Pink flowers with White centers Shrub
Rose Morden Sunrise Peach flowers Shrub
Rose Ole Pale Pink flowers Shrub
Rose Purple Pavement Dark Pink flowers Shrub
Rose Sigrid Dark Pink flowers Shrub
Rose Snow Pavement Pale Pink flowers Shrub
Rose Sven Dark Pink flowers with White centers Shrub
Spirea Anthony Waterer Dark Pink Shrub
Spirea Goldmound Red Shrub
Spirea Renaissance White Shrub
Spirea Sem Ashleaf Shrub
Spirea Tor Birchleaf White Shrub
Viburnum Common Snowball White flowers Shrub
Weigela Red Prince Red Shrub
Aspen Quaking Aspen Tree
Dogwood Ivory Halo
Flowering Crab Red Splendor Tree
Flowering Crab Royalty Burgundy flowers Tree
Flowering Crab Snowdrift White flowers Tree
Juniper Wilton Blue Rug Tree
Maple Autumn Spire Tree
Maple Northwood Tree
Poplar Siouxland Tree
Spruce Black Hills Tree
Spruce Norway Spruce Tree
Sugar Maple Fall Fiesta Tree