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Stock 2012 Herbs & Vegetable Starter Plants


Stock we had at the beginning of our season in 2012:

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Type: Name: Herb or Vegetable:
Arugala Roquette (Rocket Salad) Herb
Basil Basil Mix Herb
Basil Basil Purple Ruffles Herb
Basil Cinnamon Basil Ocimum Basilicum Herb
Basil Lemon Basil Herb
Basil Spicy Globe (Greek) Basil Herb
Basil Sweet Basil Herb
Catnip Catnip Herb
Chamomile Chamomile Herb
Chives Garlic Chives Herb
Cilantro Delfino Herb
Lemon Balm Melissa Officinalis Herb
Oregano Origanum Herb
Parsley Curled Parsley Herb
Parsley Plain (Italian) Herb
Rosemary Roasting Rosemary Herb
Sage Garden Sage Salvia Officinalis Herb
Savory Summer Savory Herb
Spearmint Mentha Spicata Herb
Tarragon Russian Tarragon Herb
Thyme Thymus Vulgaris Herb
Broccoli Packman Vegetable
Broccoli Premium Crop Vegetable
Brussel Sprouts Franklin Vegetable
Brussel Sprouts Gustus Vegetable
Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield Vegetable
Cabbage Late Flat Dutch Vegetable
Cabbage Ruby Perfection Vegetable
Cabbage Stonehead Vegetable
Cauliflower Snow Crown Vegetable
Celery Celery Vegetable
Cucumber Burpless Vegetable
Cucumber Pickling Vegetable
Cucumber Straight Eight Vegetable
Eggplant Black Beauty Vegetable
Eggplant Vittoria Vegetable
Hot Pepper Anaheim Chili Vegetable
Hot Pepper Cayenne Large Red Thick Vegetable
Hot Pepper Cayenne Long Slim Vegetable
Hot Pepper Habanero Vegetable
Hot Pepper Hungarian Wax Vegetable
Hot Pepper Jalapeno Vegetable
Hot Pepper Serrano Vegetable
Hot Pepper Tabasco Vegetable
Kale Kale Vegetable
Kohlrabi Early White Vienna Vegetable
Muskmelon Cantelope Vegetable
Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern Vegetable
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Vegetable
Squash Acorn Vegetable
Squash Buttercup Vegetable
Squash Butternut Vegetable
Squash Scalloped Sunburst Vegetable
Squash Spaghetti Vegetable
Sweet Pepper Big Bertha Vegetable
Sweet Pepper California Wonder Vegetable
Sweet Pepper Chocolate Beauty Vegetable
Sweet Pepper Early Sensation Vegetable
Sweet Pepper Gourmet Vegetable
Sweet Pepper King Arthur Vegetable
Sweet Pepper Merlot Black Vegetable
Sweet Pepper Pimento Vegetable
Sweet Pepper Purple Beauty Vegetable
Sweet Pepper Sweet Banana Vegetable
Tomatillo Tomatillo Vegetable
Tomato Aunt Ruby's German Green Heirloom Vegetable
Tomato Big Boy Vegetable
Tomato Black Krim Vegetable
Tomato Bush Beefsteak Vegetable
Tomato Celebrity Vegetable
Tomato Cherokee Purple Vegetable
Tomato Early Girl Vegetable
Tomato Early Goliath Vegetable
Tomato Fantastic Vegetable
Tomato Giant Tree Vegetable
Tomato Golden Jubilee Vegetable
Tomato Ground Cherry Vegetable
Tomato Jelly Bean Vegetable
Tomato Jet Star Vegetable
Tomato Juliet Vegetable
Tomato Lemon Boy Vegetable
Tomato Manitoba Vegetable
Tomato Mega Bite Vegetable
Tomato New Yorker Vegetable
Tomato Old German Vegetable
Tomato Park's Whopper Vegetable
Tomato Patio Vegetable
Tomato Roma Vegetable
Tomato Rutger's Vegetable
Tomato Supersweet 100 Vegetable
Tomato Tiny Tim Vegetable
Tomato Yellow Grape Vegetable
Tomato Yellow Pear Vegetable
Watermelon Crimson Sweet Vegetable
Watermelon Sugar Baby Vegetable
Zucchini Squash Black Beauty Vegetable