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Stock 2012 Perennials


Stock we had at the beginning of our season in 2012:

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Type: Name: Color If Possible:
Alyssum Aurinia Summit Basket of Gold Yellow
Amsonia Blue Ice Pale Blue
Artemisia Sativa
Artemisia Silver Mound
Aruneus Misty Lace
Asiatic Lily Black Out Dark Burgundy
Asiatic Lily Tango Orange Art Orange
Asiatic Lily Tango Passion Ladylike Yellow with Pink tips
Asiatic Lily Tiny Padhye Purple with White tips
Asiatic Lily Tiny Sensation
Bearded Iris Anaconda Love Dark Pink & Purple
Bearded Iris Avalon Sunset Orange
Bearded Iris Immortality White
Bearded Iris Picass Moon Yellow
Bee Balm Fireball
Bee Balm Grand Marshall Pink
Bleeding Heart Dicentra Alba White
Bleeding Heart Dicentra Luxuriant Dark Pink
Bleeding Heart Dicentra Spectabilis Pink with White tip
Bleeding Heart Dicentra Valentine Red with White tip
Bleeding Heart Fern Leafed Red
Blue Indigo Baptisia Twilite Prairie Blues Burgundy
Butterfly Flower Asclepias Tuberosa Orange
Campanula La Belle Blue
Canterbury Bells Campanula Champion Pink Pink
Chrysanthemum Mammoth Red Red
Clematis Comtesse De Bouchard Pink
Clematis Golden Harvest Yellow
Clematis Jackmanji Purple
Clematis Paniculata White
Clematis Princess Diana (Princess of Wales) Dark Pink
Clematis Stolwiik Gold Blue-Purple
Columbine Dorothy Rose Pink
Columbine Origami Mix Lavender, Pale Pink, Pale Blue, Pale Yellow
Coral Bells Melting Fire Burgundy leaves
Coral Bells Midnight Rose Dark Burgundy leaves
Cornflower Centaura Blue Purple
Creeping Phlox Candy Stripe Dark Pink & Light Pink stripes
Day Lily Frosted Vintage Ruffles Pale Pink with Dark Pink edges
Day Lily Purple d'Oro Dark Pink
Day Lily Ruby Stella Dark Red-Pink
Day Lily Stella Supreme Pale Yellow
Delphinium Astolat Pink
Delphinium Black Knight Purple
Delphinium Blue Bird Blue
Delphinium Black Eyes Angels White with Black centers
Delphinium King Arthur Dark Blue
Delphinium Pink Punch Dark Pink
Dianthus Frosty Fire Red
Fountain Grass Red Head
Fringed Bleeding Heart Dicentra "Bacchanal" Dark Pink
Gaillardia Arizona Sun Orange with Yellow Edges
Gaillardia Burgundy Dark Red
Gayfeather Blazing Star Purple
Hardy Aster Alert Dark Pink
Hens & Chicks Cobweb
Hens & Chicks Semper Vivium
Hollyhock Chater's Double Mix Burgundy, Red, Yellow, White
Hollyhock Halo Red & Yellow Red with Yellow centers
Hosta Antioch Green leaves with Yellow edges
Hosta August Moon Green-Yellow leaves
Hosta Aureomarginata Pink flowers, Green leaves with Yellow-Green leaves
Hosta Dream Queen Dark Green leaves with Yellow stripe
Hosta Earth Angel big Green leaves with Yellow edges
Hosta Fire Island Yellow leaves
Hosta Francee Green leaves with Yellow-Green edges
Hosta Independence Dark Green leaves with Yellow-Green edges
Hosta Medio-Variegata Green leaves with Yellow-Green stripes
Hosta Praying Hands White flowers with Green leaves
Hosta Snowcap Green leaves with Yellow-Green edges
Hosta Spilt Milk big Green leaves with White freckles
Hosta The Razor's Edge Green leaves
Hosta Queen of the Seas Green-Blue leaves
Hosta Vulcan Green leaves
Isolepis Cernua Live Wire (Fiber Optic Grass)
Lady's Mantle Alchemilla Erythropoda
Lady's Mantle Alchemilla Mollis
Leucanthemum Alaska White
Lupine Gladiator Red
Lychnis Orange Gnome Red
Lupine Manhattan Lights Purple
Oriental Lily Cassandra Pale Yellow
Oriental Lily Dizzy White with Dark Pink freckles
Oriental Lily Muscadet White with Red freckles
Painted Daisy Robinson's Red Red
Peony Duchesse De Nemours White
Peony Karl Rosenfield Red
Peony Sarah Bernhardt Pink
Phlox Coral Flame Red
Phlox Laura Dark Red with Pink centers
Phlox Orange Perfection Red
Phlox Red Magic Red
Phlox Red Riding Hood Red
Physostegia Crystal Park White White
Red Feather Red
Schizachyrium Blue Heaven
Sedum Autumn Joy
Sedum Purple Emperor
Sedum Voodoo  
Tiger Lily Tiger Lily Yellow with Black spots
Trollius Orange Princess Orange
Yarrow Pretty Belinda Dark Pink, Light Pink, White
Yarrow Tutti Fruitti Pomegranate Red