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Stock 2013 Annuals


Stock we had at the beginning of our season in 2013:

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Type: Name: Flower Color If Possible, Otherwise Leaf Color:
Ageratum Hawaii Blue Blue
---Ageratum Hawaii Royal Blue
---Alyssum New Carpet of Snow White
---Alyssum Wonderland Mix Purple, Pale Yellow, White
Bacopa (Sutera) Snowstorm Pink Pink
Bacopa (Sutera) Snowstorm Giant White
---Begonia Deep Salmon Deep Orange
Begonia Ambassador Mix  
Begonia Bada-Boom Bronze Mix  
Begonia Bada-Boom Bronze Scarlet  
Begonia Illumination Peach  
Begonia Nonstop Appleblossom  
Begonia Nonstop Orange Orange
Begonia Nonstop Rose Petticoat Dark Pink, Pale Pink
---Begonia Nonstop Scarlet Mocca Dark Red
Begonia Nonstop White White
Begonia Nonstop Yellow Yellow
Begonia Tuberosa Illumination  
Begonia Tuberosa Nonstop Deep Salmon  
Begonia Tuberosa Nonstop Mocca Pink  
Begonia Tuberosa Nonstop Red  
---Begonia Wax Begonia Dark Pink, Pink, White all with Redish leaves
---Bicolor Dahlinova Hypnotica Rose Pink with Yellow to Red center
Bracteantha Mohave Dark Red (Straw Flower, Outback Paper Daisy)  
Bracteantha Mohave Yellow (Straw Flower, Outback Paper Daisy)  
Calibrachoa Superbells Blackberry  
Calibrachoa Superbells Cherry  
Calibrachoa Superbells Dreamsicle  
Calibrachoa Superbells Lemon  
Calibrachoa Superbells Red  
Calibrachoa Superbells Trailin  
---Celosia Amigo Mix Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow
---Celosia Ice Cream Formula Mix Red, Pink, Yellow
---Cleome Queen Mix Red, Pink, White
---Cock's Comb Red
Coleus Altoona  
Coleus Colorblaze Sedona  
Coleus Freckles  
Coleus Kong Mosaic  
Coleus Saturn Imp  
Coleus Wizard Mix  
---Cosmos Sensation Mix Fushia, Pink, White
---Cosmos Sonata Mix Fushia, Pink, White
Dianthus Telstar Mix Red, Pink, Pale Pink
Dipladenia Rio Deep Red Red
Dracaena Indivisa Spikes  
Dusty Miller Silver Dust Frost colored leaves
---Exotic Geranium Tricolor Red with Yellow, Orange, Green leaves
---Exotic Geranium Wilhelm Langguth Red with Green leaves with Pale Green edges
---Fan Flower Whirlwind Blue Blue
---Fan Flower Whirlwind White White
---Flowering Kale Nagoya Mix
---Flowering Kale Peacock Red Red colored leaves
Fuchsia Dark Eyes  
Fuchsia Lena Trailing  
---Fuchsia Pink Marshmallow Pale Pink
Fuchsia Swingtime  
Gazania Daybreak Red Stripe Dark Yellow with Red stripes
Gazania Tiger Mix  
---Geranium Angel Eyes Bicolor Dark Pink & Pale Pink
Geranium Contessa Burgundy Bicolor  
Geranium Contessa Lavender  
---Geranium Contessa Purple Bicolor (Holiday Purple Dream) Dark Pink with Pink stripes
Geranium Contessa Red (Beach)  
Geranium Fancy Leaf Happy Thought  
Geranium Freestyle Arctic Red  
Geranium Tricolor  
Geranium Wilhelm Langguth  
Gerbera Daisy Flori Line Eyecatcher  
Gerbera Daisy Jaguar Deep Orange Orange
Gerbera Daisy Jaguar Red  
---Gerbera Daisy Jaguar Rose Dark Center Red
Gerbera Daisy Jaguar White White
Gerbera Daisy Jaguar Yellow Yellow
Gerbera Daisy Jameson II  
---Hypoestes Confetti Mix Red leaves, Dark Pink leaves, Pink leaves
Impatiens Accent Burgundy Light Burgundy
---Impatiens Accent Deep Pink Pink
Impatiens Accent Mix  
---Impatiens Accent Orange Orange
Impatiens Accent Pink Pink
Impatiens Accent Premium White White
Impatiens Accent Red Red
Impatiens Accent Star Mix  
Impatiens Accent Violet Dark Pink
Impatiens Accent White White
---Impatiens Blitz 3000 Orange Orange
Impatiens Blitz 3000 Red Red
Impatiens Blitz 3000 White White
---Impatiens Dazzler Lilac Splash Pink-Lavender
Impatiens Double Silhouette Cherry Red
Impatiens Double Silhouette Red Red
Impatiens Rockapulco Appleblossom Pink
Impatiens Rockapulco Dark Orange Orange
Impatiens Super Elfin Parfait  
Impatiens Swirl Raspberry Bright Pink with Pale Pink
---Ipomoea Moonflower White
Ipomoea Blackie (Sweet Potato Vine)
Ipomoea Marguerite (Sweet Potato Vine)
Ipomoea Rusty Red (Sweet Potato Vine)
Isolepis Fiber Optic Grass  
---Ivy Geranium Contessa Burgundy Bicolor Burgundy with White stripes
---Ivy Geranium Contessa Lavender Lavender-Pink
Ivy Geranium Contessa Purple  
---Ivy Geranium Contessa Red Red
---Ivy Geranium Freestyle Arctic Red Red
---Lantana Bandana Pink Light Pink to Pale Yellow
Lantana Confetti Solid Pink, Orange & Pink, Yellow & Orange
---Lantana Confetti Semi Trailing Red to Orange to Yellow
Lobelia Regatta Midnight Blue Dark blue
---Lobelia Regatta White Whit
---Marigold Bicolor French Dark Orange, Orange
---Marigold Boy O'Boy Mix Dark Red, Orange, Yellow
---Marigold Disco Red Dark Red
---Marigold Durango Outback Mix Dark Orange, Orange, Yellow
---Marigold First Lady Yellow
---Marigold French Vanilla Pale Yellow
---Marigold Granada Orange
---Marigold Janie Bright Yellow Yellow
---Marigold Janie Deep Orange Orange
---Marigold Janie Harmony Dark Orange with Orange center
---Marigold Janie Spry Dark Orange with Yellow center
---Marigold Moonsong Deep Orange Orange
---Marigold Orange Lady Pale Orange
---Marigold Yellow Boy Yellow
Mimulus Clown Flower Yellow with Burgundy freckles, Burgundy with Yellow freckles
---Morning Glory Heavenly Blue Pale Blue
New Guinea Impatiens Sonic Light Orange
New Guinea Impatiens Sonic Magic Pink Pink
New Guinea Impatiens Sonic Orange Orange
New Guinea Impatiens Super Sonic Red Red
New Guinea Impatiens Super Sonic White White
---Nicotiana Sylvestris White
Ornamental Millet Purple Baron
Osteospermum Symphony Lemon Pale Yellow
---Osteospermum Margarita Nano Yellow Pale Yellow with Purple center
Osteospermum Symphony Orange Orange
---Osteospermum Sunscape Daisy Sideshow Purple Purple
Osteospermum Tradewinds Cinnamon
Osteospermum Zion Red Red
---Painted Tongue Salpiglossis Sinuata Royale Formula Mix Red, Orange, Pink
---Pansy Acquarelle Strawberry Mix Burgundy & Yellow
Pansy Acquarelle Strawberry Rose Deep Red
---Pansy Black Devil Black
Pansy Colossus Blotch Mix Dark Red, Purple, Yellow, White all with Brown & Yellow center
Pansy Colossus Deep Blue With Blotch  
---Pansy Colossus Purple With Blotch Dark Purple with Yellow center
---Pansy Crown Orange Orange
Pansy Delta Fire Red & Yellow with Brown center
---Pansy Delta Premium Pure Golden Yellow
Pansy Delta Premium Pure Orange Orange
---Pansy Delta Premium Red With Blotch Dark Red with Yellow center
---Pansy Sky Blue Blue
---Pansy White Blotch White with Purple center
Pennisetum Fireworks  
Pentas Graffiti Mix  
---Petunia Blue Daddy Blue-Purple
---Petunia Cascade Double Burgundy Burgundy
---Petunia Cascade Double Orchid Mix Lavender, Pale Pink, White
---Petunia Cascade Mix Red, Dark Pink, Pink, White
---Petunia Celebrity Watercolors Mix Pale Red, Lavender, Pale Pink, Pale Yellow
---Petunia Celebrity Yellow Pale Yellow
---Petunia Daddy Orchid Dark Pink
---Petunia Dreams Burgundy Burgundy
---Petunia Dreams Burgundy Picotee Burgundy with White edges
---Petunia Dreams Mix Burgundy, Red, Pink, Pale Yellow, White
---Petunia Dreams Pink Pink
---Petunia Dreams Red Red
---Petunia Dreams White White
---Petunia Fire Frost Red with White edges
---Petunia Glorious Mix Dark Pink, Pink, White
---Petunia Pirouette Purple Purple with White edges
---Petunia Pretty Much Picasso Dark Pink with Light Green edges
---Petunia Primetime Blue Star Blue-Purple with White star stripe
Petunia Ray Black  
Petunia Ray Sunflower  
---Petunia Strawberry Daddy Bright Pink
---Petunia Sonata White
---Petunia Sophistica Lime Bicolor Dark Pink with Lime Green veins
Petunia Supertunia Citrus  
Petunia Supertunia Double Peppermint Pale Pink with Dark Pink stripes
Petunia Supertunia Pretty Much  
Petunia Supertunia Raspberry Blast Pink with Dark Pink edges
Petunia Supertunia Red Red
Petunia Supertunia Royal Velvet Dark Purple
Petunia Supertunia White White
---Petunia Velvet Frost Purple with White edges
Portulaca Margarita Mix Red, Yellow, White
Portulaca Sundial Mix  
Regal Geranium Aristo Black  
Regal Geranium Aristo Halo  
Regal Geranium Aristo Petticoat Pale Pink with Dark Pink
Regal Geranium Aristo Red Dark Pink
---Salvia Blue Angel Blue
---Salvia Salsa Purple Purple
---Salvia Salsa Scarlet Red
Scaevola Bombay Pink Pink
Scaevola Suntastic Yellow Yellow
Scaevola Whirlwind Blue Blue
Scaevola Whirlwind White White
Snapdragon Montego Mix Red, Orange, Dark Pink, Pale Yellow, White
Snapdragon Rocket Mix Red, Pink, Yellow
---Snapdragon Twinny Peach Pink, Peach
---Solenostemon Hybrida Stained Glassworks Burgundy Wedding Train small Burgundy leaves with Green edges
---Sprengeri Asparagus Fern
---Sutera Cordata Scopia Dark Pink Pink
Torenia Catalina Gilded Grape  
---Torenia Clown Mix Dark Purple, Dark Pink, Pink, White
Torenia Kauai Mix  
Verbena Lanai Candy Cane  
Verbena Obsession Mix Red, Purple, Lavender, Pink, White
---Vinca First Kiss Blueberry Dark Pink
Vinca Maculata
Vinca Major Wojo's Jem  
Vinca Pacifica Mix
Vinca Vine Variegated
---Vinca Vine Wojo's Jem
---Viola Angel Amber Kiss Burgundy & Yellow
---Viola Sorbet Mix Purple, Pale Blue, Yellow
---Viola Velour Frosted Chocolate Lavender Blue with Chocolate edge
---Wave Petunia Tidal Wave Silver Lavender, Pale Pink
---Wave Petunia Wave Lavender Dark Pink
---Wave Petunia Wave Purple Classic Dark Pink
---Zinnia Dreamland Mix Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow, White
---Zion Red Copper Burgundy
Zonal Geranium Americana White White
Zonal Geranium Americana White Splash II Red with White edges
Zonal Geranium Classic Mosaic Purple Pink with Dark Pink freckles
Zonal Geranium Classic Mosaic Red (Avenida Mosaic Red) Pink
---Zonal Geranium Classic Salmon (Schoene Helena 09) Pink
---Zonal Geranium Happy Thought Red
Zonal Geranium Rocky Mountain Dark Red Dark Red
Zonal Geranium Rocky Mountain Deep Rose 09 Dark Pink
Zonal Geranium Rocky Mountain Magenta Dark Pink-Red
Zonal Geranium Rocky Mountain Orange Red-Orange
Zonal Geranium Rocky Mountain Salmon Orange-Pink
Zonal Geranium Rocky Mountain Violet Dark Pink
Zonal Geranium Tango 09 Red