Rhodes Garden Center
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Stock 2013 Herbs & Vegetable Starter Plants


Stock we had at the beginning of our season in 2013:

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Type: Name: Herb or Vegetable:
---Arugala Roquette (Rocket Salad) Herb
---Basil Basil Mix Herb
---Basil Basil Purple Ruffles Herb
---Basil Cinnamon Basil Ocimum Basilicum Herb
---Basil Lemon Basil Herb
---Basil Spicy Globe (Greek) Basil Herb
---Basil Sweet Basil Herb
---Catnip Catnip Herb
---Chamomile Chamomile Herb
Chives Garlic Chives Herb
---Cilantro Delfino Herb
---Lemon Balm Melissa Officinalis Herb
---Oregano Origanum Herb
Oregano Greek Herb
---Parsley Curled Parsley Herb
---Parsley Plain (Italian) Herb
Peppermint   Herb
Rosemary Roasting Rosemary Herb
---Sage Garden Sage Salvia Officinalis Herb
Savory Summer Savory Herb
---Spearmint Mentha Spicata Herb
Tarragon Russian Tarragon Herb
---Thyme Thymus Vulgaris Herb
---Broccoli Packman Vegetable
---Broccoli Premium Crop Vegetable
---Brussel Sprouts Franklin Vegetable
---Brussel Sprouts Gustus Vegetable
---Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield Vegetable
--Cabbage Late Flat Dutch Vegetable
---Cabbage Ruby Perfection Vegetable
---Cabbage Stonehead Vegetable
---Cauliflower Snow Crown Vegetable
---Celery Celery Vegetable
--Cucumber Burpless Vegetable
--Cucumber Pickling Vegetable
--Cucumber Straight Eight Vegetable
--Eggplant Black Beauty Vegetable
--Eggplant Vittoria Vegetable
--Hot Pepper Anaheim Chili Vegetable
--Hot Pepper Cayenne Large Red Thick Vegetable
--Hot Pepper Cayenne Long Slim Vegetable
--Hot Pepper Habanero Vegetable
--Hot Pepper Hungarian Wax Vegetable
--Hot Pepper Jalapeno Vegetable
--Hot Pepper Serrano Vegetable
--Hot Pepper Tabasco Vegetable
--Kale Kale Vegetable
--Kohlrabi Early White Vienna Vegetable
--Muskmelon Cantelope Vegetable
--Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern Vegetable
--Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Vegetable
--Squash Acorn Vegetable
--Squash Buttercup Vegetable
--Squash Butternut Vegetable
--Squash Scalloped Sunburst Vegetable
--Squash Spaghetti Vegetable
--Sweet Pepper Big Bertha Vegetable
--Sweet Pepper California Wonder Vegetable
--Sweet Pepper Chocolate Beauty Vegetable
--Sweet Pepper Early Sensation Vegetable
--Sweet Pepper Gourmet Vegetable
--Sweet Pepper King Arthur Vegetable
--Sweet Pepper Merlot Black Vegetable
--Sweet Pepper Pimento Vegetable
--Sweet Pepper Purple Beauty Vegetable
--Sweet Pepper Sweet Banana Vegetable
--Tomatillo Tomatillo Vegetable
--Tomato Aunt Ruby's German Green Heirloom Vegetable
--Tomato Big Boy Vegetable
--Tomato Black Krim Vegetable
--Tomato Bush Beefsteak Vegetable
--Tomato Celebrity Vegetable
--Tomato Cherokee Purple Vegetable
--Tomato Early Girl Vegetable
--Tomato Early Goliath Vegetable
--Tomato Fantastic Vegetable
--Tomato Giant Tree Vegetable
--Tomato Golden Jubilee Vegetable
--Tomato Ground Cherry Vegetable
--Tomato Jelly Bean Vegetable
--Tomato Jet Star Vegetable
--Tomato Juliet Vegetable
--Tomato Lemon Boy Vegetable
--Tomato Manitoba Vegetable
--Tomato Mega Bite Vegetable
--Tomato New Yorker Vegetable
--Tomato Old German Vegetable
--Tomato Park's Whopper Vegetable
--Tomato Patio Vegetable
--Tomato Roma Vegetable
--Tomato Rutger's Vegetable
--Tomato Supersweet 100 Vegetable
--Tomato Tiny Tim Vegetable
--Tomato Yellow Grape Vegetable
--Tomato Yellow Pear Vegetable
--Watermelon Crimson Sweet Vegetable
--Watermelon Sugar Baby Vegetable
--Zucchini Squash Black Beauty Vegetable