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Stock 2015 Seeds, Sets, and Bulbs


Stock we had at the beginning of our season in 2015:

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Type: Name: Maturity:
Bean, Bush Pencil Pod Black Wax 58 Days
Bean, Bush Tendergreen 54 Days
Bean, Bush Topcrop 54 Days
Bean, Lima Henderson Bush 65 Days
Bean, Pole Kentucky Wonder 66 Days
Beet Detroit Dark Red 58 Days
Beet Ruby Queen 55 Days
Cantelope Honey Rock 82 Days
Cantelope Minnesota Midget 68 Days
Carrot Danvers 126 70 Days
Carrot Scarlet Nantes 68 Days
Corn 199 Hybrid Sweet 81 Days
Corn Early Xtra Sweet 68 Days
Corn Kandi Horn Hybrid Sweet 81 Days
Corn Peaches & Cream Bi-Color 70 Days
Cucumber Marketmore 76 67 Days
Cucumber Muncher Burpless 58 Days
Cucumber National Pickling 54 Days
Cucumber Straight Eight 63 Days
Dill Long Island Mammoth 70 Days
Kohlrabi Early Purple Vienna 60 Days
Kohlrabi Early White Vienna 55 Days
Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson 45 Days
Lettuce Buttercrunch 66 Days
Lettuce Prizehead 45 Days
Lettuce Romaine Paris Island 60 Days
Morning Glory Heavenly Blue  
Nasturtium Dwarf Jewel Mix  
Onion Red  
Onion Vidalia  
Onion Walla Walla  
Onion White  
Onion Yellow  
Parsnip Hollow Crown 95 Days
Pea Green Arrow 69 Days
Pea Lincoln 67 Days
Pea Oregon Sugar Pod 67 Days
Pea Super Sugar Snap 66 Days
Pea Wando 66 Days
Potato Burbank Russet  
Potato Kennebec White  
Potato Norland Red  
Potato Pontiac Red  
Potato Yukon Gold  
Pumpkin Connecticut Field 100 Days
Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern 100 Days
Pumpkin Small Sugar 90 Days
Radish Champion 28 Days
Radish Cherry Belle 21 Days
Radish Early Scarlet Globe 23 Days
Radish French Breakfast 24 Days
Radish Gourmet Blend 23-30 Days
Radish Hailstone (White Globe) 30 Days
Radish Sparkler 25 Days
Radish White Icicle 30 Days
Rutabaga American Purple Top 90 Days
Spinach Bloomsdale Long Standing 45 Days
Squash Black Beauty 45 Days
Squash Buttercup (Burgess Strain) 100 Days
Squash Butternut (Ponca) 90 Days
Squash Early Prolific Straightneck 42 Days
Squash Green Hubbard (True) 100 Days
Squash Table King 80 Days
Squash Table Queen 80 Days
Squash Vegetable Spaghetti 90 Days
Squash Waltham Butternut 100 Days
Sunflower Large Grey Striped  
Sweet Pea Royal Family Mix  
Swiss Chard Fordhook 55 Days
Turnip Purple Top White Globe 57 Days
Watermelon Charleston Grey 85 Days
Watermelon Crimson Sweet 85 Days
Watermelon Sugar Baby 73 Days
Wildflower Mix  
Zinnia California Giant Mix